Hello! this is HYE88 Investment.

This is an analysis of Big Hit Entertainment, which is scheduled to be listed on October 15, 2020.

In this posting, I will tell you what kind of business Big Hit Entertainment is doing and the sales process, and it was written to help you understand Big Hit Entertainment.

I hope this will be helpful to those who are planning to invest and to investors.

※ The contents of business analysis are the opinions of HYE88 Investment, and were prepared to help in making investment decisions. In investing in a company, all profits and losses belong to the investor.

The contents of Big Hit Entertainment Business

Big Hit Entertainment is a comprehensive entertainment company that has idol groups such as BTS, Seventeen, NU'EST, GFRIEND, and Tomorrow by Together.

Like other general entertainment companies, Big Hit Entertainment is idols of discovering, fostering, and producing music. and It is a company that is engaged in additional business through albums, music sources, IP (intellectual property rights), etc. created through artists such as BTS and Seventeen.

◈ Picture (Source: Big Hit Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, Source Music website)

Big Hit Entertainment is in the process of album business, performance business (concert, etc.), MD and licensing business, video content and online concert business.

In other words, Big Hit Entertainment has a sales structure that creates contents for music sources, concerts, MD products, intellectual property sales, video contents and online concerts through artists such as BTS and sells them to fans, consumers.

For this reason, HYE88 Investment believes that it is a very important factor in analyzing Big Hit Entertainment for artists such as BTS, who are starting to create added value.

Detailed description of the business

Big Hit Entertainment is largely divided into a label organization that is in charge of music production, such as discovering artists, and a domain organization that conducts commercialization using intellectual property rights created from artists.

The label organization is a division in the entertainment business similar to SM, YG, and JYP.

The important thing in understanding Big Hit Entertainment's business is the domain organization. The domain organization is a highly value-added business unit because it uses the IP of artists such as BTS (BTS) to conduct various projects, and is an important part for the growth of Big Hit Entertainment in the future.

In particular, an important business division of Big Hit Entertainment is BNX, a subsidiary that operates a sales window business to fans who are consumers of Big Hit Entertainment.

BNX Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary that operates the business of Weverse and Weverse Shop, a global fandom commerce platform in the form of mobile phone applications, and BNX sells clothing and MD products through these platforms. , Online concert tickets (paid content), etc.

※ What is Weverse?

> As a global fandom community of artists such as BTS and Seventeen, it is an application platform that brings together the fan community and enables communication with artists and fans. It is an application platform that runs business in conjunction with Weverse Shop.

Big Hit Entertainment's Weverse has now exceeded 10 million downloads on both Google and Apple platforms, and currently has 13,534,475 subscribers.

◈ Source: Google Play

"As a result, Big Hit Entertainment manages artists such as BTS well, creates IP, and creates content through its subsidiaries Big Hit IP, Superv, and Big Hit Edu, and BNX's Weverse. And it has a business structure that distributes content, etc. through the Weverse Shop."

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  1. dowra 2020.10.09 22:05 신고

    BTS 라 붙여진 약자의 원 의미를 알게 되었네요

    • P.H.Jeong. 2020.10.10 13:33 신고

      정말... 부족한 글 읽어주셔서 감사합니다... 항상 댓글주실때마다 부끄럽네요...ㅠㅠ

  2. 엉아만 따라와!! 2020.10.20 11:04 신고

    빅히트의 주가가 과평가된걸까요?
    파란색으로 연일 추락하네요
    그래도 엔터주 대형 3사보다 높으니...

    • P.H.Jeong. 2020.10.20 11:55 신고

      개인적으로... 빅히트는.. 조금... 사실 bts는 인정해요.. 하지만,, 너무 비싸다는 생각은 아직도 못버리겠네요... 단일리스크가 너무... 만약에 bts급이 아니더라도, 트와이스 급 그룹 1~2개정도만 받혀주면 투자할만다고 생각하는데,, 단일리스크가 너무 부담되긴하네요...

      개인적인 생각이지만, 시장참여자들 모두 bts는 인정하고있다고봐요. 그렇기때문에 bts가 빌보드, 그리고 해외에서 막강한 영향력을 끼쳐도.. 당연한게 되버려서.... 그게 마음에 걸리네요.


Hello! this is HYE88 Investment.

We share the Closing status of the Korea Financial Financial Market on Oct. 7, 2020 at the service level.

Hope that its posting will help your investment purpose.

> Korea financial stock markets fall down in the morning due to U.S. President Donald Trump said that he would postpone talks of a new stimulus plan until upcoming USA elections. But afternoon, Because he urged Congress for approval of airline and small size enterprises supporting, investors sentiment improved and KOSPI & KOSDAQ Index ended rising

> Also, renewable energy sector was strong on news of rising approval ratings of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden.

> In addition, the chemical sector was strong due to the benefits of K-Green New Deal.

> Tomorrow, Samsung Electronics(K005930)'s preliminary earning may expect earning surprise IT sector strong.

> Lastly, Institutional net buying was caused passive money.

『Major headline』

- Hong nam-ki deputy prime minister of the economy mentioned "Expanded the transfer tax of million won to the largest shareholder, and will proceed as planned"(BreakNews)

- Naver slapped $23mn for foul play with search engine results in Korea(Pulse)

- Next year, Seven out of ten Korea New Deal projects are existing ones(연합)

- Korean Airline(KAL) begins preparing to transport COVID19 vaccines(증권경제)

- If Trump winning Korea, China, Japan invest or not India, Vietnam(조선비즈)

  1. dowra 2020.10.07 22:52 신고

    트럼프 의 행동에 한국의 주식시장에 영향을 미치는 군요
    잘 보고 갑니다

    • P.H.Jeong. 2020.10.08 08:30 신고

      네...ㅠㅠㅠ 몇년전부터... 정말 많이 미치는거 같애요..ㅠㅠ 아무래도,, 미국이 패권국가이고 경제대국이기때문에 그나라의 장의 정책방향 같은거에 세계경제가 흔들리는 것같아요..ㅠㅠ


Hello! this is HYE88 Investment.

We share the Closing status of the Korea Financial Market on Oct. 5, 2020 at the service level.

Hope that this posting your help.

> Today morning, Korea stock market was strong due to the possibility of an early return USA President Donald Trump.

> But afternoon, Korea stock market fell down because of net selling by foreign investors due to strong yuan burden. However stock market`s Closing time get, foreign investors turned to net buying as a result KOSPI and KOSDAQ index ended rising.

> In addition, ahead the earning season, Forecasting 3Q performance positive companies(BBIG Sector) were spotlighted to investors.

 * BBIG : Battery, Bio, Internet, Game -> K-New Deal

"In subjective opinion, Because Korea stock market's volatility will increase, we should risk management and need to hedge."

【Major headline】

- Moon(Korea President) offers condolences to son of civil servant killed by North Korea.(The Korea Herald)

- KOREA Gov's to allow abortion in early stage of pregnancy.(The Korea Times)

- SK, Intel join hands to develop advanced chips. (SK hynix has launched its next-generation DRAM called DDR5 DRAM)(The Korea Times)

- Pompeo's Message in Japan : Countering China Is Meeting Face to Face(The New York Times)

  1. dowra 2020.10.06 23:53 신고

    트럼프의 퇴원이 한국주식시장에 긍정적인 효과를 냈다니 다행입니다

    • P.H.Jeong. 2020.10.07 09:04 신고

      영어가 짧아서.. 토익은 열심히 했는데..ㅠㅠ 다른걸 공부할껄 그랬네요.. 읽어주셔서 감사합니다.:)
      사실 dowra님 나그네 블로그 종종 들리곤합니다.:)ㅎㅎ 글 읽다보면 미국쪽에 사시는 걸 알수있는데:) 조금 부끄럽습니다..
      영어 공부하면서 포스팅 종종 이어갈려고 합니다.:)ㅎㅎ 댓글감사합니다.!

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